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Visual Storyteller



This is my storyboard page, meant to show employers as much of my storyboarding work as quick as possible. Here you’ll find my latest demo reels, as well as the full animatics they includes.

Note: Certain works (password-protected) are available to employers upon request. Please contact me at agomez.jpeg@gmail.com for details.

If you’re looking for my general portfolio, click my name up top!

Private Demo Reel 2020

Work available upon request; please contact me at agomez.jpeg@gmail.com for details. 

Demo Reel 2020

Professional Work

Animated Show – Galactus Studio (Animatic)
Rome, Italy (Remote contract)

Storyboarded an episode-length animatic for an NDA-protected web series. A translated script, 3-D set, and character models were provided for reference. An original spec work animatic was also created with character references prior to employment. Both works are available upon request; please contact me at agomez.jpeg@gmail.com for details. Animatics will be posted here with restriction upon airing of the episode. 

Personal Work

Window (Animatic)

His love is just a window away. But catching her attention is harder than he expected…

Personal animatic created by Alex Gomez (Me) in Storyboard Pro.

Steal the Rich (Animatic)

A group of amateurs hatch a plan to kidnap a billionaire. What could go wrong?

An original animatic made as my BFA Thesis project. Written, drawn, and directed by Alex Gomez (Me). Made in Storyboard Pro.

Vincent – Jacob Gochenour
Anna – Jennie Boucneau
William – Adrian Reyes
Doris / Lou Chen – Alex Gomez